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 Any crisis, almost always, brings out the best in man. The mind c an pull from its bag of gray matter a thousand and one tricks to resolve any issue or problem. This may be at home, at your office, at your school-anywhere. As leaders, we are sometimes placed on the spot and are asked to do what seems impossible. Sometimes we make it; sometimes we don't. Through all these, we usually have two good things going for us: faith in ourselves and our belief that destiny is on our side. Today, the search for good and true leaders continues. What are some of the extraordinary powers that separate leaders from average men? The true leader has the power to discern his special place among men-- true self-knowledge of one's worth: not a delusion of grandeur. He is fully aware of his talent and can transform it into an instrument of effective service. But he also knows his limitations and uses them, not as guidelines for non-commitment but as indicators of how else he must improve himself