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 Green Field Teacher's Training Academy is always standout in the name of providing high quality education, because the name of school is enough. The main motto of school in Montessori teaching is to make able, those students who want to set-up their own pre-primary school at home place and don't want to go anywhere for job. The green field teacher's training academy is also provide a Certificate for Montessori teacher's training. Now a day's Montessori are not only demanded in India but also in abroad. The Greenfield academy provide you a deep knowledge it was very useful everywhere. Montessori Method of teaching stresses on the education which has to be individualized for each child and a Montessori teacher needs to organize the classroom settings according to children's need. Why you choose Green Field Academy for Teacher's Training Ø We are providing education from last 30 years and have been contacted with a wide variety of parents. Ø The most added ad